Custom Printed DTF Transfers

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πŸ€”What These Are:

These are Custom Printed DTF Transfers printed to order. These transfers take all the work out of cutting and weeding vinyl. These transfers can be placed on any color cotton or polyester garments. Only 10-15 second press time at 315 degrees for cotton (275 for polyester or blends). They can be washed up to 40+ times (or more depending on care) and can be stretched more than vinyl. These transfers use inks similar to Direct to garment and does not have a plastic feel to them when pressed.

πŸ’»How Art Needs To Be Prepared:
To order these transfers you will have to Provide your art to us. The art has to be print ready and no modifications needed. We can not alter your work for you. What you see is what you get when printed. Please be sure to use good quality art when you provide it. Make sure all background colors are removed are if needed.

How To Apply Transfers

  • Press at 315 Degrees Fahrenheit (Cotton)
  • Press at 275 Degrees Fahrenheit (Polyester or Blends)
  1. Press for 15 seconds with firm pressure.
  2. Allow garment to cool.
  3. Peel.
  4. Repress for 5 seconds with parchment paper covering it.
  5. Done!